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Industrial Techno Drums – Ableton Live Template

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🔊 Unleash the power of the underground with our meticulously crafted Ableton Live Template, purpose-built for music producers seeking the raw, unbridled energy of hard, rave, and industrial techno. Dive into a sonic realm where each beat is a pulse, and every rhythm resonates with the heartbeat of the underground scene.

🥁 Elevate your production game with the essential toolkit designed to transform your tracks into relentless, hard-hitting sonic masterpieces. “Industrial Techno Drums” is more than just a template; it’s your passport to a world where beats are bold, basslines are brutal, and the dancefloor is your canvas.

Unlike conventional “fully mixed and mastered tracks” this template is a turbo-charged sketch pad. It’s engineered to increase your productivity and spark your creativity, enabling you to lay down thunderous drums at unprecedented speed.

Check Out The Full Explainer Video Here;


✨ Impeccable Design:

Crafted with precision, every element in this template is meticulously designed to give your tracks that unmistakable edge. From punchy kicks to hypnotic hi-hats, experience a drum arsenal that stands out in the crowd.

🎚️ Customisable Control:

Tailor each element to suit your unique style. With easily adjustable parameters, “Industrial Techno Drums” puts you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to mould the sound to match your creative vision.

🔄 Endless Inspiration:

Break free from creative constraints with a template that sparks inspiration. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting, our template provides a solid foundation for crafting cutting-edge techno beats.


🔗 Seamless Compatibility:

Designed for Ableton Live 10 and above, “Industrial Techno Drums” seamlessly integrates into your workflow. Plug and play, and let the beats flow effortlessly.

🔊 Unleash the Power of the Underground:

Elevate your sound without compromise. “Industrial Techno Drums” is more than a template; it’s a sonic revolution. Join the ranks of producers who choose to push boundaries, disrupt norms, and make a statement with their music.

🎯 Transform your tracks, electrify your audience, and dominate the dance floor. “Industrial Techno Drums” is your key to unlocking the true essence of hard, rave, and industrial techno. Get ready to make waves. Get ready for your sonic evolution.


System Requirements – Mac OS Or Windows running Ableton Live 10.1.43 or Above

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