• 20 Kick Loops
  • 20 Rumble Loops
  • 20 Kick + Rumple Loops
  • 10 Clap Loops
  • 10 Closed Hat Loops
  • 10 Open Hat Loops
  • 10 Ride Loops
  • 20 Top Loops
  • 20 Perc Loops


  • 20 Lead Loops (+MIDI)
  • 10 Bass Loops (+MIDI)
  • 20 Hook Looks
  • 10 Pad Loops (+MIDI)


  • 10 Impacts
  • 10 Risers
  • 10 SFX
  • 5 Drones
  • 10 Texture Loops

One Shots

  • 20 Kicks
  • 20 Rumble Kicks
  • 10 Claps
  • 10 Closed Hat
  • 10 Open Hat
  • 20 Perc
  • 10 Bass Shot

Bonus Items

  • 1 Fully Mixed and Mastered Ableton Live Template
  • 6 Call & Response Loops
  • 5 Polyrhythmic Combination Synth Loops

Driving Techno Essentials – Sample Pack

Original price was: £29.99.Current price is: £23.99.

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  • DRIVING TECHNO DEMO TRACK free techno samples
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Everything You Need For Top Level Techno Productions

Take your techno productions to new heights with “Driving Techno Essentials” the ultimate sample pack exclusively from Zonalaudio.com. Packed with pulsating beats, hypnotic basslines, cutting-edge synth loops, and mind-bending effects, this collection is meticulously crafted for maximum impact.

Spine-Tingling Depth And Energy

Fuel your creativity with professionally designed drum loops, pounding kicks, snappy snares, and crisp hi-hats. Add depth and energy with spine-tingling leads and basslines that range from subsonic rumblers to aggressive sequences. Elevate your tracks with cutting-edge synth loops, captivating leads, and mesmerising arpeggios. We’ve also included the MIDI for the basslines, leads and pads.


free techno samples detroit berlin uk amsterdam techno. Fully Mixed and Mastered Techno Template For Ableton Live



From The Euphoric To The Brutal

For further customisation, explore our selection of one-shots, including expertly designed kicks, snares, claps, and unique perc shots. There is also a wealth of Bass and Chord Stabs so you can get creative with new rhythms.

“Driving Techno Essentials” is the ultimate sonic arsenal for serious techno producers. Crafted with precision and mastered to perfection, this sample pack unlocks the true potential of driving techno. Revolutionise your sound and let your creativity drive the dancefloor (or warehouse) – grab “Driving Techno Essentials” today!


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