Zonal Audio is a collective of talented Producers, Musicians and Sound Designers from across the globe. We are dedicated to creating forward thinking Sample Packs, Preset Packs and DAW Templates. With a combined 60+ years of industry experience we cover a vast array of styles and genres. 

Our ultimate goal is to help people make better music, and generally expand the available sound palette to those working with any aspect of audio.  

We also love to pass on our knowledge, you can check out our music production school over at Decloakmusic.com or click here for more information on courses or 1-2-1 bespoke tuition.

If you are an experienced audio professional and would like to work with us to help you increase your passive income then feel free to email us at support@zonalaudio.com. Please include your portfolio and any ideas you might have for unique and innovative packs.

We also have an in-house mastering service, if you would like to book a free trial to see how we can give your mix that final professional polish, click here.

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